kaloum bankhi
Kaloum Bankhi (Home of Kaloum): A Migration of Architecture is a multidisciplinary team of University of California Berkeley students and graduates proposing an innovation in affordable housing for Kaloum, Guinea. The project proposes an architectural intervention that supports social change through the creation of flexible living spaces, introduction of vernacular sustainable materials, and celebration of Guinean culture.  Alternative housing is built for the community by the community.
zoom sur noom
The zoom on Noom is an initiative, a project, which aims to revitalize the seaside slum in the district Téminétaye, behind the national fund office on the same alignment as the hotel Noom. Given the importance of its location, this slum plays an important role in valuing or depreciating the image of the grand hotel Noom, which plays an important role in the architectural image of our country. This beautiful work deserves all attention, unfortunately lies in an area not too attractive. What we believe in the long run will have a negative impact on visitors' perception of the place. From where we see the importance of such a project. A Zoom on the value of the Noom, an added value to what this great hotel has to offer.
school in saraya
Following an invitation from the association of elders of Saraya, we left Conakry for Saraya on December, 31st, 2018 around 10 am. After a day of driving across the bad roads of Guinea we arrived in Saraya around 7:20pm. The same night the local leaders based in Saraya came to see us for a meeting. Everything was prepared that night so that we could have more time the next day to visit the school site and spend some time with the community discussing our future project. Our New Year’s Eve was spent enjoying the stars and the amazing breeze of Saraya. The lack of electricity was compensated by nature. Our second day in Saraya went by as planned. We really enjoyed the hospitality we received in Saraya and can’t wait to go back to help them build their school.
social housing